Job: Workbench partnerships manager

Hi! I’m leading a small team developing the Computational Journalism Workbench ( It’s is a collaborative platform for journalists to connect, analyze and visualize data — all without a line of code. We are looking for someone to lead our marketing efforts, and bring key newsrooms on board as collaborators.

Workbench users stack together pre-defined modules into complete data processing workflows, which can then be shared with the public and colleagues. This makes data journalism accessible to non-coders, increases transparency, and allows reporters to build on each other’s work. The goal is to make data journalism dramatically easier and more collaborative.

This will be a contract position, part time to start. Your job will be to manage outreach and partnerships. You will develop and execute marketing strategies to reach data journalists, recruit key newsrooms as active partners in our vision, and personally support them to ensure that they get extraordinary results. The ideal candidate has a record of user acquisition,  relationships across the media industry, and experience with software production.