I’m a journalist and computer scientist, currently working as a research scholar at Columbia Journalism School. I’ve written for the New York Times, Associated Press, Foreign Policy, ProPublica, and Wired. I lead the development of the Computational Journalism Workbench, a visual programming system for data journalism, and previously built Overview, an open-source document set analysis system for investigative journalists. I teach a course in computational journalism for the dual masters degree in computer science and journalism.

I’ve reported from Hong Kong, Berlin, and San Francisco. I once designed a parallel programming language for Adobe Systems. I’ve helped build more than one huge music-playing interactive fire sculpture. I train in the circus art of aerial rope.

I like to think and write about how journalism is going to have to change in response to the internet, and how the internet can be applied towards greater transparency, increased self-government, and ultimately the happiness and amusement of people worldwide. We’ve got this new thing. We may as well see what we can do with it.

You should contact me. Or, drop me a note @jonathanstray. I’m available for various types of work, such as training, data science, and journalism.