I’m a Visiting Scholar at the Berkeley Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI), working on recommender systems — the algorithms that select and rank content across social media, news apps and online shopping — and how their operation affects well-being, polarization, and other things. I also teach the double masters in computer science and journalism at Columbia Journalism School (the lectures are now online). I led the development of Workbench, a visual programming system for data journalism, and built Overview, an open-source document set analysis system for investigative journalists. For a while I was an editor at the Associated Press, and I’ve also written for the New York Times, Foreign Policy, ProPublica, MIT Tech Review, and Wired. Before that, I did computer graphics R&D at Adobe Systems.

I live in Berkeley, California after previous stints in New York, Hong Kong, and Toronto. I like to make weird art with my friends.

Everything on this blog is my personal opinion and you definitely shouldn’t take it as the position of any employer, past or present.

You should contact me. Or, drop me a note @jonathanstray.