Introducing the CJ Workbench

Some of you may have heard about by new data journalism project — The Computational Journalism Workbench. This is an integrated platform for data journalism, combining scraping, analysis, and visualization in one easy tool. It works by assembling simple modules into a “workflow,” a repeatable, sharable, automatically updating pipeline that produces a publishable chart or a live API endpoint.

I demonstrated a prototype at the NICAR conference — and it’s now in beta at (contact me for an invite.)

I’ll be working on CJ Workbench for at least the next few years. My previous large data journalism project is the Overview document mining system, which continues active development.

5 thoughts on “Introducing the CJ Workbench”

  1. As a writer I’m interested in different journalism projects. I thinks this one can be interesting. Hope you will complete it. I know how hard it is. Sometimes appears a desire to stop everything. But you should remember, that lot’s of people looking for your Workbench, so don’t give up!

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