Thinking Globally, and a bit on Air Conditioners

Yes it’s just fashion advice, but that sort of makes it worse. I’m saddened to see such not-thinking-globally by snappy dressers. From an online (and therefore worldwide-readable) article claiming to be about  how to select a men’s suit:

The mid-weights are best overall, especially with the usual “air-conditioned-car-ride-into-the-air-conditioned-office” venture that most people have in summer.

The Bangladeshi businessman wears a suit but does not have air-con anywhere. The middle-class Indian cannot afford the gas to have it in his car. The Chinese businessman will certainly be using air conditioning if he can in the next few years, and you wonder why climate change needs to be addressed quickly.

Also on the subject of air-conditioners and development, Lee Kwan-Yew, the infamous former near-dictator of Singapore, once named air-conditioning as the most important invention of the millennium:

The humble air-conditioner has changed the lives of people in the tropical regions. Before air-con, mental concentration and with it the quality of work deteriorated as the day got hotter and more humid. … Historically, advanced civilizations have flourished in the cooler climates.

This choice snippet from the fascinating book, “Singapore the Air-Conditioned Nation: essays on the politics of comfort and control, 1990-2000“.