In Ur Suburb, Selling U Burgers

Burger King has gone lol!!!

OMG!!! The local Burger King Slurpee machine sez: “cool it with ur fav flav.” Lolspeak is in ur multi-national!

Corporate America can has teh funny? No wai, only wants sell cheezburgers! Co-option of kulcher? Mebbeh. Or mebbeh teh kittehs win!


Mai theweh, let me show you it. Lolspek is awsum meme, like new languish, even haz dik-shun-ary. Teh hoomans who lieks kittehs lieks cheezburgers too, so teh burger stoar lurnz lolspeaks.

But mebbe if enuf mawket-urs has teh lolspeak, iz not “authentic” n e moar? I doan no! Kwestions of “authenticity” in kulcher make mai hed asplode!

2 thoughts on “In Ur Suburb, Selling U Burgers”

  1. Hm…
    I don’t want to be troll-ey, but I’m fairly certain that the burger king ad is referencing sms-speak (, which has been in use for some time longer than lolcat. “cool it with ur fav flav.” is standard grammar (cool it with your favorite flavor) rather than backwards/lolcat style grammar (ur fav flav can cool it/can has cool), which seems to be the defining point of lolcat speak. Additionally, advertising agencies have been hip to sms-speak for some time now. Mostly you’ll see it in the mobile sector (Boost mobile’s “where u at dawg” campaign) though occasionally, you’ll find some other market trying to be hip to the way the young people talk. 😉

  2. Ok, I’ll totally buy that.

    Still, it was fun to write a blog post in lolspeak. And I’m fascinated by how underground/internet culture makes its way into mega-corporate communications.

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